Tuesday, October 30, 2018


Ghostbusters Select (Movie) Series 2-4: Dana, Janine, and Gozer - DST 2016-17

I always think it's odd how neglected the female characters from Ghostbusters were for the longest time. Considering how iconic Dana Barrett and Gozer the Gozerian were, it's shocking that they didn't have any toys made until 2004. Sure there were a handful of cartoon-based Janine Melnitz figures, but true movie figures just never made it into consideration back then. In 2011, Mattel took a shot and released an oddly unarticulated Dana, but no Gozer. But then in 2016, Diamond Select Toys thankfully took up the reigns and released their line of Ghostbusters Select figures. The sculpts and production aren't perfect, but I am very happy to have all three main characters (Dana, Janine, and Gozer) in the same scale finally. There is also a figure of the Library Ghost, but I never picked her up. I've had these figures since they came out, but I only opened them now in anticipation of a few Halloween-themed reviews I'm planning. I can't believe I was able to resist so long. Let's check them out (finally) below!

Dana Barrett
Ghostbusters Movie Select - Series 2
Diamond Select Toys 2016

So before I get too far into this review, I wanted to mention the paint wash on her face. In the movie, Dana has sooty shadows all over her skin. My figure has a particularly bad application of this effect that gives her an unfortunate five o-clock shadow. Luckily, this is easily remedied with a few swipes from a Magic Eraser The pic directly below has been de-bearded, but the rest of the turnaround photos will be the straight-out-of-the-package bearded variety.

Here is Dana with the 2012 Mattel version.

Janine Melnitz
Ghostbusters Movie Select - Series 3
Diamond Select Toys 2016

Janine comes with a lot of really cool accessories: two Chinese food takeout boxes (one open, one closed), an extra set of hands, a rotary phone, and a buzzer. Unfortunately she can't hold any of them.

Gozer the Destructor
Ghostbusters Movie Select - Series 4
Diamond Select Toys 2017

So right off the bat there is a major flaw with this figure. Her head naturally sits way too low on her neck. However you can pop her head off and get it to only partially lock in place to give her neck the proper proportions. on the Right below is the semi-attached version. All the remaining Gozer picks will be set up this way.

Gozer comes with an extra head and an extra set of hands. I honestly wish they took this opportunity to give us more drastic variations. Both sets of hands and heads are remarkably similar.

I have the worst luck with getting warped high heels. This is why I always prefer a booted foot, even if it isn't character accurate.

Here she is with the Neca Gozer from 2004.

Time for Some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here are all three Ghostbusters Ladies together.



  1. Ouch. The heels on that Gozarian. Might want to hit it a little with a hair dryer (NOT a heat gun!).

    1. Yeah they're pretty brutal. I never did try to fix her, but I have her on a figure stand so it's not problematic for falling and they're not visible from the front. I have a heat gun and I'm well aware that it should not be used on toys. I've literally had plastic start to bubble before.