Friday, December 21, 2018

Transformers FRACTURE (aka GoBots CRASHER)!

Transformers (2007 Movie) - Allspark Power - Fracture - Walmart Exc Hasbro 2007

Few villains scared me as a child quite as much as Crasher from GoBots. She was erratic, psychotic, and she stomped around in a thunderous rampage. Truly frightening. I feel like a lot of villains in my childhood cartoons were simplified with comic buffoonery, making them much more palatable for their young audiences. But Crasher wasn't pulling any punches. I always wanted there to be a great action figure of her. The vintage figure was blocky and nondescript. Then nada. But in 2007, Hasbro released this Generations Mirage repaint as a Walmart exclusive named Fracture in their products from the first live-action movie. While this not a perfect representation, she was still a terrific first attempt. Since then there was a decent 3rd Party homage to her (again, a repainted male body), but I still have high hopes for a perfect version eventually. She's too iconic to go unrepresented forever, even if the licenses are in locked down in obscurity. But in the meantime, I'm happy to make due with what we have.

I bought this figure loose at a toy show several months ago. (The packaged pics above are swiped from eBay). In researching her for this review, I learned that this particular figure has a very convincing knockoff in circulation. It's difficult to determine if mine is legitimate or not, but I tend to think that it's the real deal. Mostly because the joints are tight, and loose joints seem to be the main complaint with the knockoff. If anyone can tell me otherwise I'd love to know.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here is Fracture with two recent female Transformers: Moonracer, and Novastar.


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