Monday, January 14, 2019

Marvel Legends - BLACK CAT!

Spider-Man Legends - Kingpin Build-a-Figure Wave - Black Cat - Hasbro 2019

With all the great Marvel heroines who have yet to be immortalized in plastic, it's hard to justify a character getting a second figure within five years. Even sticking to the Spider-Man theme, the fact that we don't have a Firestar or a Julia Carpenter yet is shocking (Not to mention all the awesome second and third-stringers like Lady Spider, Madame Web, Mania, Charlotte Witter, etc). But I know the (now cancelled) Silver & Black movie meant we would be getting Silver Sable and Black Cat, and that Felicia would need a costume variation since her 2014 figure still holds up nicely. My initial reaction to her new look wasn't a positive one (I first saw it with her 2017 Minimate). But the weird cat eyes on her jacket are kind of winning me over. Plus I was always 50/50 on the big puffy white details on her classic look. Sometimes I thought it cool, and other times I thought it was ridiculous. At the very least, this new look retains a lot of the same elements while being much more utilitarian. Let's check out Black Cat below!

Initially I didn't like anything about this figure. But after photographing her and researching the costume, I realize that 90% of my issues deal with her head. Sculpting an exaggerated facial expression is always risky. In this case, her grin looks creepy because it doesn't quite match the eyes. I feel like she needs a cocked-eyebrow expression (even though her mask covers her eyebrows). Oh, and her hair looks like a flat plastic blob.

Felicia comes with a pretty frightening looking metal jointed whip. 
This thing seriously looks like it could tear a limb off.

She comes with the build-a-figure pieces of  Kingpin's Right Arm and diamond-topped sceptre.

In researching this costume I came across this gorgeous Sideshow statue.
It makes me really appreciate the new look.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here she is with her wave-mate, Silver Sable.

And here she is with her classic 2014 Marvel Legends figure.


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  1. Still looking for this one. Interesting costume change. Don't read the comics so didn't know about it. Neat design.