Saturday, February 23, 2019

DC Multiverse - VIXEN (REBIRTH)!

DC Multiverse - Lex Luthor Collect & Connect: Vixen - Mattel 2019

I've always been fascinated by Vixen and have wanted to learn more about her. I love her look and her powers. I also love her historical significance as the (intended) first African heroine to star in her own DC comic series (in the late 1970s). I say "intended" because her series was cancelled before it was ever released. She instead began appearing in team books like Justice League, Suicide Squad, and Checkmate. I don't really love most team books so my first real exposure to her wasn't until her solo mini-series in 2008.  But his figure has so enthralled me that I've been catching up on her backstory and legacy and becoming a big fan. I'm also excited to get the Vixen movie (re-edited from her animated web-series). But in the meantime I will just bask in the glory of this amazing toy. I hadn't even noticed that she got a new costume, but it looks great. Mattel's DC Multiverse line is really going out with a bang. The previous Vixen figures can't hold a candle to this one. It's a shame that we won't see much more.

This figure is just terrific. Her facial expression and hair are perfect. She looks formidable and exudes strength. I love that her costume is modern but classic at the same time. And this new Multiverse buck is fantastic.

Vixen's totem necklace is the source of her power and has been passed down through her family, generation to generation. It enables her to take on the characteristics of any animal.

Vixen comes with a translucent purple falcon accessory and the Torso Collect-n-Connect piece for Lex Luthor. Unfortunately the falcon can't really perch on her arms and her grip can't quite hold on to its talons. So I don't have any pics of her with her only accessory.

I'm obsessed with the Mattel falcon mold. It's been used in Masters of the Universe Classics, DC Universe Classics, and now DC Multiverse. From LEFT to RIGHT they are:

PURPLE FALCON from DC Multiverse Vixen (2019), ZOAR (V3) from NYCC MOTUC Temple of Darkness Sorceress (2012),  SCREECH from MOTUC Evil-Lyn (2010), JAYNA AS EAGLE from DCUC SDCC Wonder Twins 2-Pack (2009), GLORY BIRD from MOTUC Star Sisters 3-Pack (2012), ZOAR (V1) from MOTUC Teela (2009), ZOAR (V2) from MOTUC Sorceress (2012), and BEAST BOY AS EAGLE from DCUC Beast Boy (2009).

Time for a Comparison Pic!