Thursday, April 18, 2019

Avengers Endgame - BLACK WIDOW & NEBULA!

Marvel Legends: Hawkeye & Black Widow 2-Pack - Target Exc - Hasbro 2019

When I first saw that all the heroes in Avengers Endgame would be in matching Team Suits, I was relieved and thought how these figures would be an easy skip for me. It's not that I don't enjoy matching suits, quite the contrary actually, but I don't like them when the characters already have unique costume designs established. But like almost every proclamation of resistance I make, when I saw them in the store I caved. But before that purchase, I had already decided that I wanted to support this merchandising tactic from Hasbro. This set comes with 5 different character heads that are interchangeable on the generic-suited bodies. I love this decision. And it seems suddenly very plausible that we might someday see other teams presented in the same way: New Mutants, Original X-Men, Hellions, Academy X, etc. Of course the unplanned by-product of my altruistic purchase is that I really like these figures. They are really well made and the face-scanning technology is amazing. Let's check this set out below!

Here is a group shot of some of the character variations you can assemble with this box set.

The set comes with Nebula's gun (from the GOTG2 Nebula). Unfortunately all the hands in the set, both male and female, are too big to properly hold it.  Black Widow has the same staff from her Infinity War figure (It's way too bendy and needs to be made of a stiffer material). Not pictured is Hawkeye's Bow.

I actually really like her blonde-tipped ponytail. Considering hair grows at an average of 6 inches a year, I like the idea of a chronological clue to the timeline of the Endgame movie.

I really like this new Nebula head. The sculpt and paint apps are great.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here are Black Widow and Nebula together.

And here a bunch of pics with the GOTG2 Nebula. I'm surprised that the scale and design of the two heads seems so different. The new one is a major improvement.

And here is Black Widow with her Infinity War and Winter Soldier versions.

And here are my three Endgame ladies so far: Black Widow, Captain Marvel, and Nebula.

And finally here is Black Widow with her Titan figure (which I will be posting a photo review on shortly).



  1. Great figure. I agree that it was a very cool tactic by Hasbro and would like to see this with other figure sets. It worked because I purchased two sets of Hawkeye/Black Widow and two of the Captain America to get all six figures together.

  2. Great review. Both figures look really good. Not sold on the unis from the movie but the figures still look nice. Thanks