Monday, June 10, 2019

Masters of the Universe Vintage - TEELA!

Masters of the Universe Vintage Wave 2 - Teela - Super7 2019

When Super7 announced their Masters of the Universe Vintage line, I was wholly uninterested.  I'm all about nostalgia, but I'm realistic (ie spoiled) enough to want to modern advances in sculpting and production. (I actually cringe a little when I see things like those boxy Transformers re-releases at Walmart). In my mind the Club Grayskull MOTUC figures are a perfect blend of vintage aesthetics with modern production, and these vintage rehashes are just... unimaginative. But then the first female offering in the Super7 Vintage line was a She-Ra that filled a huge void in my collection and suddenly I was on-board for anything they had to offer. This Teela figure from wave two surprises me by making me realize how inaccurate the original one was. The new sculpt captures all the Filmation details perfectly. I'm thrilled with how good she looks. Now i'm really excited to get the upcoming Evil-Lyn and Shadow Weaver (and even that weird ice blue Teela). Let's check out the Vintage Series Teela below!

Teela's body has the same sculptural quirks as the original vintage toy - including oddly-position legs and hands.

The figure came with this great pack-in card in lieu of a mini-comic.

Her accessories are a Filmation-style shield and sword (no snake armor this time).

Teela also has an action feature where her waist has a "spring back" motion like she is swinging her sword.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here she is with the Series 01 She-Ra figure from last year. I would love to see a re-release of She-Ra with paler skin that matches Teela. The tan skin matches the vintage Teela (and He-Man), but not the overall Filmation look.

And here she is with her (actual) vintage counterpart (sans snake armor)

Say what you want about Super7, but I think these are the two nicest Teela figures I've ever seen.  Club Grayskull Teela.


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  1. Can I ask... being as these are Super7, and I have their Club Grayskull characters and the paint seems to rub very easily, what is the paintwork like on these? Is it pretty hardwearing? With the Club Grayskull Teela, I ended up getting another one because I propped her shield on her arm and when I removed it, it damaged the paint on her white gauntlet. I haven't invested in this line yet, but I am very interested in them, particularly after seeing your review of Shadow Weaver. She is perfect.