Saturday, July 20, 2019

The Ladies of TOP WING!

Nick Jr's Top Wing - Penny, Betty, and Shirley Squirrely - Hasbro/Playskool 2019

I have a real fondness for modern preschool toys. I don't normally get over-sentimental about these cute blobs of plastic, but when I walk down those toy aisles, I can't help but imagine my younger self seeing these selections and going wild. I may be exaggerating, but I feel like kid toys in the 80s were inundated by trucks, farm animals, and plushies. So seeing adorable articulated anthropomorphic action figures hanging on the pegs stirs up all kinds of (hypothetical) nostalgia. My current obsession is the Nick Jr property, Top Wing, which features a paradoxical group of bird pilots. I first noticed the puffin and penguin characters and I excitedly thought they would all be flightless birds ironically flying planes, but the Blue Jay throws that fun theme askew unfortunately. The character designs remind me of a throwback to 80's staples like Shirt-tales and the Getalong Gang, too. I especially got hooked when I started seeing non-bird characters like Betty Bat and Shirley Squirrely. Love some animal diversity! Let's check them out.

Top Wing Collector Pack (Wave 1)
Playskool 2019

Here are the main Top wing pilots together. From Left to Right: Brody the Puffin, Swift the Blue Jay, Penny the Penguin, and Rod the Rooster.

There is also a helmeted version of Penny that comes with her Aqua Wing vehicle.

Here is Betty Bat with her mischievous brother Baddy Bat.

There is a also a second version of Betty Bat that comes with her Dirt Bike. This version has extra details on her helmet and shirt.

Top Wing Single Packs (Wave 2)
Playskool 2019

I love this figure. I love her acorn helmet. I love her purple color scheme. I think she's just adorable. She's actually the reason I wanted to start buying these figures.

Shirley comes with a pair of wings. I believe all the single-pack characters come with these. There aren't any instructions, but I'm fairly certain these are meant to clip to your shirt like true pilot's wings.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here are all three ladies together.


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