Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Marvel Legends Vintage - STORM!

Marvel Legends: Vintage (Toy Biz) Series 03 - 1990's Storm - Hasbro 2019

It's really refreshing to have a female Marvel Legends figure that is definitely not going to be a shelf-warmer. As much as I beg for more diverse character selections and equal distribution. I can't deny that the mommy-shoppers never buy the female action figures for their kids - and as a result, my favorite heroines almost always end up clogging up the pegs. But this Storm has been out for months and she's always the first one snatched from the case. And she's worth it, too. Storm is easily one of the most iconic Marvel women and her role in the 1990's X-Men the Animated Series exposed her to a whole new generation of adoring fans. Although this white outfit is usually attributed to the cartoon, she was essentially wearing it in the comics for a year prior. Although in true comic fashion, the color of her costume could be interpreted as white, silver, gray, or black depending on how she was shaded and colored. And I'm not taking a side because I want one of each! Let's check out this long overdue Storm below!

I desperately need to give her cape an ironing like I did for the Marvel Now Storm (they have identical capes). I remember that I had to sandwich the cape in two pieces of a brown paper bag to avoid melting off the painted cape trim.

I'm really loving the fact that the Marvel Legends line utilizes so much pearlescent plastic. It really pops without being overly gaudy like metallics can often be.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here are three relatively recent Marvel Legends Storms: Morlock Mohawk, 90's Jim Lee, and Marvel Now! Storm.

Here she is with her wave-mate, Dazzler.


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  1. I haven't purchased a Marvel Legends figure since the Captain Marvel series Captain Marvel, but I'd grab Storm in a heartbeat. I've never owned a Storm figure that I can recall, and I really want one! She looks excellent. My local Gamestop has a peg without about 7 or 8 Icemen, though, so I have my doubts about seeing her anytime soon.