Thursday, October 10, 2019

Batman Universe Busts - BATWOMAN!

Batman Universe Busts #21 - Batwoman - HeroCollector/Eaglemoss 2019

Kate Kane as Batwoman is such a great character. Not only does she have a terrific costume, but her backstory and personality have natural depth and believably (at least once her run in Detective Comics started... the 52 stuff just wasn't fully fleshed out yet). Also, the mantle of Batwoman itself has a great political history. She and Bat-Girl were the original beards of the comic world, so Kate's sexuality is a brilliant reimagining. I think she is going to be a solid fixture in the Gotham scene for many many years to come (and hopefully her costume doesn't change, because it's honestly perfect). It should be really interesting to see how the new Batwoman TV show effects her popularity. At the very least we're likely to see more toys. Look how Supergirl's show has amplified her toy aisle presence in the past few years. (I'm not being facetious... we've seen several action figures and statues as a direct result of the show.. and I have the same hopes for Kate). Let's check out the Batwoman Eaglemoss bust below!

If you've ever bought an Eaglemoss product before, you'll know that the paint masking is often imperfect. In all the photos above, you will see how the edges of her mask are flesh colored and there is a weird lop-sided quality to her eyes. The photos below are after a simple retouching with a steady hand a tiny brush.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here is Batwoman with two recent Eaglemoss pics: Bluebird and Batgirl.

And here she is with the 2008 Women of DC Universe Batwoman bust by Terry Dodson.


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