Monday, October 7, 2019

Batman Universe Busts - BLUEBIRD!

Batman Universe Collector's Busts #35 - Bluebird - HeroCollector/Eaglemoss 2019

It's been a long time since a new Batman character has caught my attention. Something I've always loved about DC Comics is the long historical canons behind almost all of the heroes and villains. But something about Bluebird caught my eye and soon as I saw her suited up in the pages of Batman Eternal back in 2015. No, she didn't have an outlandish cape or some obscure tactile weapon that I crave. She wore utilitarian gear and carried guns. Plus she had a mohawk (I've known one too many folks with mohawks in my life, and they always end up a major disappointment.. so the haircut is now a red flag to me). But despite it all, the tempestuous hacker/engineer Harper Row in her new punky vigilante role quickly became an obsession for me. It was actually a few years until I realized her costume was an obvious homage to Nightwing, and that only made me like her more. This Eaglemoss bust is the first official piece of Bluebird merchandise and it's honestly a terrific debut. Let's check her out below!

If you've ever bought an Eaglemoss product before, you'll know that the paint masking is often imperfect. In all the photos above, you will see how the edges of her mask are flesh colored and there are unpainted specks in her hair. The photos below are after a simple retouching with a steady hand a tiny brush.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here is Bluebird with two other recent Eaglemoss busts: Batwoman, and Batgirl.
I love all these but it's a shame their anatomical scale isn't a little more consistent.


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  1. Good piece and great introduction to this character. Fun post.