Friday, November 22, 2019

Miraculous Ladybug - RENA ROUGE!

Miraculous Ladybug Action Figures: Wave 04 - Rena Rouge - Bandai 2018

I just made a new friend who works for Nickelodeon and it made me realize I never reviewed this amazing Rena Rouge figure. I know that Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir is on Disney now. But I will always think of it as a Nickelodeon show. Rena Rouge is another akumatized version of Marinette's best friend, Alya. Earlier in the series, she had been tricked into becoming the villain, Lady Wi-Fi, but this time around she joins with the Kwami Trixx to become the fox-themed hero, Rena Rouge. In this identity, she assists her friends Ladybug and Cat Noir with her powers of illusion and trickery. I always love the eastern-inspired folklore of foxes as supernatural tricksters, and I'm super glad that the Miraculous toyline has given us two fox-themed ladies so far. I just love these bright, colorful action figures and I hope Bandai continues to produce more (even if they are impossible to get in the US). I'm only missing one character now (Multimouse) and I don't want the hunt to end! Let's check out Rena Rouge below!

I purchased this figure loose with no accessories. Originally she would have come with a translucent orange staff (that I believe doubles as a flute).

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here is a Rena with the other fox-character, Volpina.

And here is a Rena with another of Alya's alter-egos, Lady Wi-Fi.



  1. My daughter loves Miraculous but other than the earliest releases, we haven't seen anything here in the states. Do you import these?

    1. I do usually import them (although I got this Rena from an ebay seller in the US). The best way I've found to get them is through the "Amazon Global Store UK" (just google it, it's easier than linking to it from the main amazon page). They usually sell these figures for about 10 bucks, and you can combine shipping if you buy multiple characters. The only trouble is the categories don't seem to work, so you have to browse through tons of random Miraculous product to find the toys.

  2. Actually, Rena Rouge is NOT akumatized - Ladybug loaned Alya the fox miraculous on several occasions to help her in difficult situations.
    (I happened to catch the first episode she appeared in, and Alya's reaction to becoming a superhero had me laughing so hard I almost fell out of my chair).