Wednesday, December 25, 2019

3.75" Fortnite - GINGER GUNNER!

Fortnite: Gingerbread Set - Ginger Gunner & Merry Marauder - Jazwares 2019

Merry Christmas! I was holding out on posting this review because it's the only holiday-themed toy I think I've bought this year. There is something about this Target-exclusive Fortnite Gingerbread Set that thrills me. Gingerbread men are such an iconic Christmas theme, but I almost never see them used in fun ways. So when I see two gun-toting murderous action figures with this wholesome holiday decor, I am just hooked. I kind of want to pack them away with my ornaments and give them a spotlight in my annual trimmings (along with my Funko Miser Brothers!) Fortnite is known for combining cute and savage characteristics, and I think that's one of the reasons the brand is so popular. I really hope we see Ginger Gunner in different formats. A 12" and 6" version would be amazing additions to the line. And the best part about it is that new figures usually just show up on the shelves with little or no advance notice to us collectors - so there is always hope for the unexpected. Let's check out this festive little freak below!

The Gingerbread set comes with a variety of weapons and accessories, none of which seem particularly belonging to a specific character of the two.

Here is Ginger Gunner with her pack-mate Merry Marauder with a variety of weapons.

This set also includes a plush keychain and four connecting set pieces with holiday-themed graphiti.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here are three of my Ginger Gunner pieces together: a stamper (purchased at CVS), the 3.75" Jazares figure, and the Pint-Size hero from the Funko Advent Calendar.



  1. The fun thing about the Jazwares Fortnite toys is you never know what's coming next. I rarely see anything spoiled online. They just show up. I was thrilled to find this set as well. Complete surprise and so much goodness. Merry Christmas.

  2. Whats under the faceplate? Is it glued? there could be a face under there?!?