Sunday, December 29, 2019

Chronicle Collectibles - ALL-STAR BATGIRL!

Batgirl (Jim Lee) Statue - ThinkGeek/Gamestop Exc - Chronicle Collectibles 2019

All-Star Batgirl is an interesting iteration of the Barbara Gordon character. All-Star Batman & Robin the Boy Wonder was a limited series created by Frank Miller and Jim Lee from 2005-2008 (ten issues in 36 weeks.. sheesh). The title quickly became notorious for being over-the-top with story and dialogue. I'm not a huge fan of Frank Miller simply because I feel he bases his modern storylines on shock value (but I guess you need outrageous headlines to spark interest when the release schedules are so dragged out). The scandal-of-the-issue for Batgirl's first appearance (in Issue 6) was a bunch of dialogue that DC had to redact. It was a stunt worthy of a huge eyeroll (especially considering you could read the words through the redactions, which felt super intentional and cheesy). But that said, seeing a young energetic Barbara Gordon as Batgirl was really exciting. Cassie Cain was great, but our favorite redhead hadn't been in costume in so long. This statue was a welcome and nostalgic surprise. Let's check her out!

Time for some Comparison Pics!

Here she is next to her 2008 DC Direct figure.


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  1. I got her for ridiculously cheap (12 bucks) and I’ve really ended up liking her. Lightning has struck again and I just picked up the Harley from this line for $19.98 at GameStop. I’d been fairly “meh” re both statues based off online pics. But they’re pretty great in person. For 20 bucks, it’s a very cool take on the Harls. And it’s a nice departure from her more standard looks.