Friday, January 3, 2020

Disney's Atlantis - PRINCESS KIDA!

Atlantis The Lost Empire - 4" and 6" Action Figures - Princess Kida - Mattel 2000

I've wanted to review these figures for years but my inspiration finally struck when I noticed Atlantis: The Lost Empire on Disney+ last week and watched it again (for the first time since it came out). It's an interesting movie. It reminds me more of the animated adventure movies being produced by Fox and DreamWorks like Titan A.E. or Road to El Dorado. (Funny thing: Disney quickly followed this up with another adventure movie, Treasure Planet, in 2002, then none since). Atlantis was a fun movie, but if I had my way I would have changed a million little things - the CGI would toned down and the Atlanteans would look more alien-like (or at least aquatic in some way) for starters. All that aside though, Princess Kida remains one of the most unique Disney Princesses. Her white hair, face paint/tattoos, and blue warrior garb looks so interesting. It's a far cry from the tiara and gown trope, but unfortunately she never gained much traction and is relegated to the ranks of forgotten princesses. Let's check out Kida below!

Disney's Atlantis the Lost Empire
6" Action Figure Series
Mattel 2000

This Kida figure comes with a tribal mask, and a spear with several interchangeable spearheads.

There was a solid blue variant of this figure released the same year. 
I really wish this was a translucent watery looking figure.

While I don't actually own this next figure, the Mcdonald's Happy Meal Princess Kida measures approximately 5.25" (according to the eBay auction I swiped this pic from) and she's a great third action figure for a Kida collection.

Disney's Atlantis the Lost Empire
4" Action Figure Series
Mattel 2000

This 4" Kida comes with a tribal mask and a spear.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here are the two Kidas together.


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