Friday, January 24, 2020

Urusei Yatsura - LUM!

Figma Action Figure Series #063 - Urusei Yatsura (Lum) - Max Factory 2010

Urusei Yatsura is an iconic manga series which was published from 1978-1987 (plus an anime series from 1981-1987). I was often exposed to images of Lum, the bikini-clad flying girl with little horns, when I was young (her popularity in Japan somehow traveled across the ocean, albeit without much context), but my first real exposure came when the comics began to be reprinted in the US in the early 90s. I was instantly hooked. Lum's author and artist, Rumiko Takahashi, is one of my top five favorite creators of all time. She's most commonly known for Inu-Yasha or Ranma 1/2, but I've literally loved every series she's created. Urusei Yatsura roughly translates into "Those Obnoxious Aliens" and deals with a threatened alien invasion that can only be thwarted if a randomly chosen young man, the lecherous and comically unlucky Ataru, can win a game of tag against the young alien princess, Lum. Wacky hijinks, zany characters, and ridiculous scenarios ensue - for nine years and 374 stories!

Despite her popularity and iconic pop culture status, Lum has very few action figures. You'll see a lot of statues and PVC figures (especially on Japanese market sites), but to the best of my knowledge, this Figma is one of the only articulated figures. I purchased her very excitedly when she was released a decade ago - and now she fetches a pretty high price due to her overall lack of merchandise.

I've created this post now because it is a very exciting time for Urusei Yatsura fans in the US. 

When the comics were first translated into English in the 1990s, VIZ didn't finish the series. 
In fact, they stopped after less than a third of the issues were published. 

But starting February of last year, VIZ Comics is re-translating the series with a commitment to complete the entire run. 

Currently there are four volumes of the newly-translated series published (the 5th is due in February), but so far it is just re-translations of stories I already own. But when Volume 6 comes out in May, we will start getting never-before-translated stories. If my estimation is right, there should be a total of 17 volumes ending in February 2023.

Lum comes with three faceplates with different expressions, a lightning bolt accessory, five sets of hands, a flight stand, and a small figure of her infant cousin, Ten-Chan (who has a separate peg to connect him to the stand).

Like all high end action figures (S.H.Figuarts, Mafex, etc), Figma figures are highly articulated and can be posed in almost any position.

Time for a Comparison Pic!



  1. I'm not a Manga guy so I wasn't familiar with this character but a good post and good look at her figure.

  2. Rumiko Takahashi should be better known here. Her comics are gold. Maison ikkoku is my jam. So jealous that you have that figure. I slept on it.

    1. My favorite is actually the Mermaid Saga, but Maison Ikkoku is a close second. I must have read the entire run of Maison a dozen times.

  3. I wish there was an Ataru to go with her. I guess I have to make a custom