Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Marvel Legends - STEPFORD CUCKOOS!

Marvel Legends - X-Men: Stepford Cuckoos - Walgreens Exc - Hasbro 2020

The Stepford Cuckoos debuted at a time when I wasn't really into any mutant books. I re-entered the genre with Phoenix: Endsong in 2005 and I was both intrigued and confused by these creepy newcomers. Their origins are sci-fi gold. While Emma Frost was lying in a coma after the Sentinel battle that killed all of her Hellions, over a thousand eggs were collected from her body and used to clone the original 5 Stepford Cuckoos: Esme, Irma (Mindee), Phoebe, Celeste, and Sophie. They are identical, they have powerful psychic powers, and they can operate with a hive mind. Esme and Sophie had been killed earlier on, leaving the three we commonly see in comics today (plus a potential thousand more living in psychically-blocked anonymity). They all have natural blonde hair like their genetic mother, but at one point Phoebe dyed her hair red and Irma dyed her hair black/brown. They all eventually reverted to their blonde roots, but it makes sense for this figure to give us the different hair options.

A single Stepford Cuckoo figure comes with one body, three heads, two pairs of hands, two energy effects, and a Cerebro helmet.

I must admit I'm a little bummed that they went with the schoolgirl look for these figures. I know these are the more common outfit for the triplets, but schoolgirl uniforms are just so 90's anime. Plus the faces on the figures look oddly sultry on an immature-looking body, and bare knees always make articulation look ghastly. Meanwhile, I think the X-poncho look is very weird and cool. I think it makes them look much more like the mutant acolytes I always picture them as.

They made an appearance on Gifted. Makes me think I should give that show another chance.

Emma and the Cuckoos have been so badass lately. You can almost hear the intimidating music.

The Cerebro helmet doesn't hit over their hair too well. It works best with Irma, but it's not great.

Time for some Group Pics!

Here are the Cuckoos with their wicked mentor, Emma Frost.