Monday, March 30, 2020

Mythic Legions - SKELETON SOLDIER!

Mythic Legions: Advent of Decay - Skeleton Soldier Builder - Four Horsemen 2018

It's taken me seventeen months to open my Mythic Legions: Advent of Decay figures from Four Horsemen. I backed the original Kickstarter and got every female figure. But the problem with bulk toy purchases, is that I get absolutely overwhelmed at the prospect of opening and displaying them (let alone photographing/posting about them). That's why I currently have three large cardboard boxes in my basement: one full of dozens of unopened Boss Fight Studios figures, one with I Am Elemental, and one with Mythic Legions. The one good thing about Shelter in Place orders is that I'm forced to spend my excessive toy hunting time appreciating what I already own. This Skeleton Soldier Builder was one of my most anticipated figures from the entire lineup. As a kid I was kind of obsessed with skeletons: The skeleton girls on flying horses from the 1980 Return of the King cartoon gave me some of my first nightmares; I loved the Glo-Bones Pocket Power; and Jason & the Argonauts was always a favorite movie.

I always wanted a female skeleton action figure, but I just couldn't imagine one ever looking right. I definitely wasn't a fan of Shriek from the Skeleton Warriors. And skeletons by their very nature wouldn't have the attributes that could overtly distinguish gender in toy-level detail. Armor or clothing is the obvious solution, but most attempts I've seen look ridiculous (like a ribcage with a bra). But when I saw this Mythic Legions figure, I saw the perfect figure I had always wanted. She looks distinctly female, she looks appropriately creepy, and most importantly she looks badass. Let's check her out below.

True to the army builder nature of this figure, there are a lot of accessories.
Included is an alternate male torso, an alternate unhelmeted head, two armored shoulderpads, a ponytail, a helmet spike, a shield, a longsword, a sash to hold that longsword, a spear, two back-port extenders (with different-gauge holes), and a small piece that fits in the middle back port that I believe can hold the sword or some additional accessory.

I'm not the biggest fan of the ponytail plumage on this skeleton. It's a bit distracting.

It's also amusing how masculine the unhelmeted skull head looks. 
The combination of the female torso and this head doesn't look right.

I really like the simple helmet spike. 
It looks consistent with the rest of the armor and doesn't diminish her intimidating look.

Her actual weapons aren't my favorite accessories though. They look too bright and polished, like they are made of pearl or abalone.  I'm only slowly opening these Mythic Legion figures, so eventually I'm sure I'll find a tarnished set of weapons (from another of my stockpiled figures) that will make an acceptable pairing for me.

The shoulderpads are a great accessory. They are the only pieces that I can't decide if I prefer on or off.
They attach by anchoring the "wing" ports on the shoulderblades.

Speaking of wings. The skeletal wings add-on accessory was a must-have for me, specifically for this Skeleton Warrior figure. However, upon receiving them, I was bummed that the color did not match at all. I believe the wings were originally made for the Ravens line and didn't take the yellow-hued bones of the Mythic Legions figures into account. I used one of my first nights of Coronavirus sequestering to get crafty and color-match the wings. I'm pretty happy with the results. The original (gray) wing is on the Right, the color-matched (yellow) wing is on the Left.

To be perfectly clear, these wings are NOT included with the Skeleton Warrior Builder set.
They were available on the StoreHorsemen website as add-on accessories in a variety of colors.
These are the bone-colored skeletal wings that I have repainted yellow.

As I mentioned above, the shoulderpads anchor into the "wing" ports on her shoulderblades. However, if you want her to wear both wings and shoulderpads, this Builder set comes with a convertor accessory that uses the central backpack port and turns it into two additional wing ports. This means that when the shoulderpads are worn, the wings will be connected a little lower in the middle of her back (as opposed to higher up on her shoulderblades).

Time for a Comparison Pic!


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