Saturday, May 16, 2020

Mythic Legions - XYLONA!

Mythic Legions: Advent of Decay - The Legendary Xylona - Four Horsemen 2018

Of all the action figures in my collection, I think this Mythic Legions Xylona figure may possibly be the most unique. I go through phases where I love her, and others when she irks me. While her body is a standard female buck (although dressed in a leafy/foliage design) paired with the hoofed legs that we've seen on several creature figures, it's her head and neck that draws all the attention. She is a adorned with a large nondescript cervid head, which is turn is crowned with a massive set of antlers. They're so high that they add 50% to her height (I measured). The proportions are inhuman and are part of the reason I find her unsettling. Normal human proportions tend to place a vertical midpoint at the waist, but the midpoint of Xylona is her chest. When I imagine her at my scale, I think she's terrifying my eyes don't know where to go. That said, she is magnificent, utterly original, and perfect for the fantasy Mythic Legions line. I'm extremely curious to see this mold repurposed too. Let's check out Xylona below!

Xylona comes with a sword, two curved blades, two massive antlers, her Silverchord bow, a quiver of (unremovable) arrows, one loose arrow, a sash/belt to hold her quiver, and three adapter pieces for attaching various add-on accessories to her back.

She also comes with a soft good waistcoat in a brilliant shiny chartreuse.

Time for a Comparison Pic!



  1. I'm admittedly not a fan of fantasy figures, but I sincerely love Mythic Legions. And when I saw Xylona, I knew I had to have her. She's totally original and absolutely gorgeous!

  2. Cool figure. And yes, very unique. Will have to set up my Mythic Legions one of these days.