Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Kingdom Come - NIGHTSTAR!

DC Comics Elseworlds Series 3 - Kingdom Come Nightstar - DC Direct 2007

One of my favorite things about 1996's epic Kingdom Come comic, beyond the groundbreaking realistic painted art by Alex Ross, was seeing all the cool background characters. You knew at a glance that these weren't random fillers. Rather, you could literally interpret their story from their design. Nightstar first appeared on the 11th page of the first volume on a splash page. She was immediately recognizable as a relative of Starfire. Her skin color, green eyes, purple outfit, and trailing hair were a dead giveaway. Then when you think of who Koriand'r would likely have a child with in the not-so-distant future of Kingdom Come, and quickly conclude that Nightwing is her true paramour. I honestly don't remember if she had a speaking role in the series, but she was definitely memorable. Mar'i Grayson had follow-up appearances in The Kingdom where her story was fleshed out, but I never would have pegged her for merchandising. The Alex Ross DC Direct lines were extensive, but Nightstar was still a welcome surprise.

Nightstar was sculpted by the amazing Karen Palinko. She was definitely one of the star artists of DC Direct.

As is typical with early DC Direct figures, Nightstar's articulation is very limited. She has hinge-and-swivel shoulders, swivel wrists, v-crotch swivel legs, and head articulation that is completely hindered by her hair.

Time for a Comparison Pic!


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