Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Marvel Legends - BLACK WIDOW (Gray)!

Marvel Legends - Black Widow (90's Gray Suit) - Wal-Mart Exc - Hasbro 2020

One of the first times I appreciated Black Widow was when she appeared in the Jim Lee run of Uncanny X-Men in the early 90s. I was very picky about the hairdos on my heroines back then. And I had a strong (illogical) aversion to big, chunky red hair like Starfire, Red Sonja, and Black Widow were always sporting. I would regularly see her in Marvel Fanfare but just had no interest. But then when I saw her in X-Men, she suddenly had a modern haircut, and a costume that (although still pretty simple) was infinitely more exciting than a plain black catsuit. I also love that this costume incorporated a lot more use of the spider motif. With a name like Black Widow, I would have expected a lot more arachnid references than just a small red hourglass on her belt buckle. Although often covered by her jacket, this gray jumpsuit has a huge spider logo on the back that I always thought was kickass. This is the perfect fan figure to release with all the MCU versions. I was hoping for a blue first appearance figure, but this is a close second!

Black Widow comes with a two alternate hands, a pair of blasting wrist-cuffs, a pair of smoking wrist-cuffs, and a jetpack with two rocket effects.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here she is with the Marvel Legends Black Widow that came in a TRU exclusive 2-Pack with winter Soldier in 2010.

And here are three recent comic-style Widows from the Legends line. Deadly Origins, 90's Gray, and Motorcycle.



  1. This is a fantastic figure. Being quarantined, I didn't even know this was coming. Will have to check out Walmart soon. Great figure.

  2. Question: how do you attach the backpack to the Black Widow figure? I tried to slip the arms of the figure into the backpack strap but I was not able to do so

    1. It's tricky, but you just have to put her arms straight back and slowly shimmy the straps up her arms. It's awkward, but it works.

  3. I was worried I might have to pop the arms off to get the backpack on. I just obtained this figure and am amazed how good the face sculpt is. The details in the figure's hairstyle is quite astonishing at this scale. Thanks for taking the time to answer my question!