Sunday, June 21, 2020

The Authority - THE ENGINEER!

WildStorm's The Authority - Series 01 - The Engineer - DC Direct 2002

In my young adult years I only had one friend who was into comics. It was fun to geek out with him, but it was also difficult because we had completely different tastes with our reading habits. He was mostly into shock value and extreme scenarios, while I'm always more into the relatable heroes and sympathetic villains. The Authority is one of the many books he tried to get me to read, but it was just not my thing. There were even a few issues drawn by my favorite artist, Arthur Adams, but nothing could convince me to enjoy this series. But then years later I came across this Engineer figure clearanced at Five Below and I found myself really drawn to her. She has an unexpected retro vibe and James Shoop's sculpting always reminds me of his Legion of Super-Heroes line (which are some of my favorite figures of all time). So despite my aversion to the comics, this gorgeous figure is a welcome addition to my collection (even if I pretend she's one of the many unnamed LOSH members). Let's check out Engineer below!

The Engineer's visor is glued in the raised position with two round pegs at the pivots near her ears. I thought perhaps the visor was intended to move and maybe mine was just a matter of excessive paint making it stick. So I freed it so the visor could pivot down, but I quickly disproved my theory because the inside of the mask is not sculpted to accommodate her facial features. It hits her nose and chin before the eyeholes align... so up it will stay.

Time for a Comparison Pic!


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  1. Cool looking figure. Never knew her background though.