Wednesday, July 29, 2020

First Appearance - WONDER WOMAN!

DC Comics - First Appearance: Wave 01 - Wonder Woman - DC Direct 2004

First Appearance figures are my favorite theme of superhero toys. For a long time I had a display with a first appearance figure next to my favorite modern interpretation of that character. Both Marvel and DC figures were intermixed and it was a great collection. This Wonder Woman would have been the only female on that shelf, but I sneered at making the purchase back then because of her soft good culottes. A few years ago one of my very favorite relatives surprised me with a giant bag full of her Wonder Woman collection. I somehow never realized that she was a fan, and likewise she had only recently discovered my hobbies. She was gifting me her collection and sadly she passed away shortly after in 2019. I only recently started going through that bag and incorporating the contents into my collection. I was very happy (and sad) to find this First Appearance Wonder Woman. And like a true Gift of the Magi, I had just sold all my (male) First Appearance figure earlier this year to fund some new purchases.

Luckily she will always have a home with my plethora of other Wonder Woman figures I have these days (a far cry from the select few I had when I started this blog). She's a great figure and I'm surprised it's taken me so many years to realize that.

I was looking at pics online and it seems like her Right leg always sticks out a little funny. Like the knee joint is misshapen a little or the leg is warped. It could probably be remedied with some heat and patience.

It's a shame the velcro on the back of her shorts is so bulky.

The headsculpt of this figure was reused for the 2010 DC Origins Wonder Woman 2-Pack.

The body for this DC Origins figure was the 2008 ReActivated Series 4 Wonder Woman...

...which in turn was a retooled Silver Age Wonder Woman from the 2001 Silver Age 2 Pack and the 2002 Brave and Bold 5-Pack 
(the ReActivated figure added modern articulation to the hips, knees, and elbows).

I know that was a bit of a tangent, but I love researching the history of figure development, especially with DC Direct. They were constantly reusing and improving their products and I find tracing the history to be fascinating.

If you were curious what Wonder Woman looks like without her soft-goods culottes, here she is in all her glory. 
It's a shame they didn't add a few stars.

Time for a Comparison Pic!



  1. I bought this figure a couple of years ago on eBay. It's one of my favourites in my Wonder Woman collection. The story of your relative is very touching. She put her collection in good hands.