Monday, September 21, 2020

G.I.Joe Classified - BARONESS!

G.I.Joe Classified (Cobra Island) - Baroness with Cobra C.O.I.L. - Hasbro 2020

When I try to rank all the amazing animated ladies from my childhood, the Baroness from G.I.Joe is always very high on the list. I would run home from school each day and eagerly wait to see what wickedness she was up to in every episode. Her accent was intriguing, her scheming was devious, her glasses were unique (was there even another glasses-wearing female in 80s cartoons?), and her flirtatious interactions with all the other characters made her a back-stabbing wildcard. I was obsessed with seeing how she would fit into each plot (I was especially thrilled when she would be in disguise.. a super common trope for Cobra ladies). Plus her 1984 toy was the second female action figure I ever owned (after Voltron's Haggar). I still get overwhelmed with nostalgia when I hold her. So I was super excited that she was included so early on in the G.I.Joe Classified line, even though she was a highly sought-after Target exclusive and packed with an unnecessary vehicle. Let's check out Baroness below!

This figure is terrific. The costume doesn't have excessive modern styling like the Scarlett figure. And I'm especially glad she doesn't have all the gold piping that her image on the box art shows. 

The glasses are pretty good. The technology for toy-scaled glasses has come a long way. 
But the lenses on mine are a bit foggy-looking which is a disappointment.
I've seen other Baroness pics online that look more clear. I just got a bum pair.

Baroness comes with an alternate helmeted head, a cobra dagger, two gold handguns, and a coiled cobra weapon that wraps around her arm. It's a shame she didn't come with the little Cobra-sculpted backpack the original toy had. I always loved that accessory.

I'm not quite sure why she comes with a motorcycle and a helmeted head. I don't remember her ever riding a bike. If it were a Cobra Ferret or a Trouble Bubble (or even a giant Hiss Tank) it would be understandable.

There are two guns in the packaging that mount to the sides of the C.O.I.L. Motorcycle.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here she is with Destro dahling. Quite possibly the most iconic couple from my childhood.

And here she is with the only other G.I.Joe Classified female so far, Scarlett. I wish she had the same classic look that Baroness does.



  1. I thought I'd seen this post but I hadn't. Glad I clicked the link. I love her look. Just looks so cool. I like how she is just mostly black with just some red where needed. Head looks good as well. Very impressed. Good review and nice photo with Destro.

  2. Looks a little tall, compared to Destro. Maybe I'm wrong, who knows lol. It's still a great looking representation of her.