Thursday, October 1, 2020

Little People - BATGIRL and WONDER WOMAN!

DC Super Friends Little People - Heroes 7-Pack - Fisher-Price 2020

If you think about, Fisher-Price's Little People is one of the longest running figurative toy lines out there. They started in the 60s (although rebranded in 1985) and have consistently been putting out product ever since. They were even inducted to the exclusive National Toy Hall of Fame in 2016. That puts it up there with the likes of Barbie, G.I.Joe, and Lego. It was only relatively recently that Fisher-Price started including licensed characters. I believe the first ones were actually DC characters in 2011, but since then they've includes licenses like K.I.S.S., the Beatles, WWE, Disney/Pixar, MOTU, The Office, Lord of the Rings, and Elf (among others). In the nine years since the first DC sets, the design has changed a bit, so it's nice to see this updated set hit the shelves for 2020. The figures now have a more slender body shape composed of a denser, heavier plastic as opposed to the older hollow squeezable bell-shaped bodies. Let's check out Batgirl and Wonder Woman below!

These figures also come in 2-Packs (which I haven't seen anywhere in person yet). But it appears that the only way to get Aquaman is to buy the big multi-pack. Also, there is a Batman in a Black outfit currently available with the Batmobile and a Metallic version available with the Batcave.

Here are the male characters from the 7-Pack.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here is the entire 7-Pack together.

And here is the new purple Batgirl with the 2011 blue version.


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  1. These are great. Anytime we can have "action figures" for the little guys and gals it is a big win. These really do look cool and I like the inclusion of Batgirl. Good post.