Thursday, October 29, 2020

World's Smallest - TEELA!

World's Smallest: Masters of the Universe - Teela - Super Impulse 2020

One of my favorite new obsessions is the Micro Action Figure sub-line from Super Impulse. These show up under two of their product lines: World's Smallest and World's Coolest, and include miniature action figures of the most iconic toy lines of all time like G.I.Joe, Transformers, Mego Horror, Power Rangers, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and of course Masters of the Universe. These figures are roughly 1.25" tall in packaging that measures 2.25" by 1.75". They feature tiny accessories and several points of articulation (usually just arms and head). While I generally predict female characters to be scarce in lines like this, I was pleasantly surprised (read: ecstatic) to see Teela offered right off the bat. My only wish now if that there might be a second wave of MOTU Micro figures. TMNT and Power Rangers are licenses that could be reasonably be considered complete with only a single assortment, but having only four MOTU representative is just cruel. Let's check out Teela below!

The packaging-within-the-packaging for this line is spectacular. Almost all World's Smallest toys come sandwiched on a clear hang card. In addition, the Micro Action sub-line usually incorporates reproductions of vintage toy cards within that outer packaging. I wrongly assumed these were flimsy cardboard constructions. But in actuality they are thick and durable plastic with a "hatch" in the back so you can remove the figures and accessories and out them back. The permanence of this nostalgic packaging adds a ton of appeal to these toys.

What's even more impressive than a super tiny action figure are the positively microscopic accessories. He-Man and Skeletor come with daggers that are literally hard to see. They're like splinters. The snake staff and shield are a little larger, but still insanely small.

Teela's Snake Armor is removable, but removing it seems like a permanent choice. It is sculpted as if it's a true vintage clasp at her back, but on both of my two Teelas it is glued tight and only comes off when you break that bond.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

I decided to jump on the bandwagon and paint my MOTU Mini Castle Grayskull case. I love displaying it with these World's Smallest figures. I just picked up the only Snake Mountain Mini I wanted (Stinkor), so I'm excited to paint that one soon too.

Here is my collection of World's Smallest figure at the time of these photos 
(since then I've picked up the TMNT and Power Rangers sets).

And the majority of my Teelas all together. Look how tiny she is!


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