Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Fans Hobby - WHEEL BLADE!

3rd Party Transformers - MasterBuilder MB-12B Wheel Blade - Fans Hobby 2020

This is a really fun exclusive variant. The Fans Hobby Athena (Minerva) figure came out earlier this year and I was immediately hoping the body would be reused for another fembot, but I wasn't expecting something so soon. I realize a flightless Windblade homage may seem a little strange, but if Arcee can be a motorcycle or giant spider and no one bats an eye, I think anything is possible. This figure was exclusive for the TFCon 2020 (a virtual event this year). It was limited to 800 numbered pieces and only available through The Chosen Prime. I've been ordering from The Chosen Prime for years (I've bought 16 figures through them!) I originally chose it because the price and stashing policy was the best (although nearly identical to TFSource if I remember correctly). But since then I've come to appreciate the company for their customer service and all-around good vibe. So I was really happy that an exclusive I specifically wanted was a joint venture with them. Let's check out Wheel Blade below!

Wheel Blade comes with Windblade's signature pink scimitar; A scabbard; A small headmaster-type robots that forms her head; A decorative faceplate; and two transforming guns.

I read some reviews online that said the guns are fragile and break when they are unfolded. I didn't find this to be the case at all. Although, I did have to use a little tool to get the gun hand to unfold.

She also comes with a trading card and an instruction book.

Wheel Blade had a large piece of kibble on her back. It is essentially the entire roof of the car with the trunk and spoiler. This piece is easily removable. The following pics show it removed.

Just like Athena, Wheel Blade has two "wings" that can be positioned in almost endless configurations. In my opinion, she looks very different when this position is changed.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here is Wheel Blade with Athena.

And here she is with two Windblade figures: Titans Return and Generations.


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