Thursday, December 31, 2020

Marvel Legends - ELEKTRA!

Marvel Legends - Twin Packs Series 01 - Elektra and Ronin - Hasbro 2008

With all the buzz about Elektra lately, I wanted to go back and review one of my favorite of her figures. (If you're unaware of what Elektra has been up to, go read about Daredevil #25 and let's all wish for a new figure of her soon!). Back around 2008-10, Marvel Legends released a series of twin packs exclusive to Toys R Us that gave us a lot of truly great female figures in quick succession. I think it was one of those situations where pairing them with a male character made them more marketable. This line included Maria Hill (with a Sharon Carter alt head), Black Widow (with a 90's alt head), Valkyrie, Invisible Woman, and Elektra (with bandana alt head). Most of these came with variant versions as well: Black widow and Maria Hill having different color bodysuits and Elektra having a Skrull variant. These figures marked a terrific improvement in Hasbro's female character design. Let's not forget that the dreadful White Queen was released just a year prior. Let's check out the 2008 Elektra below!

While there are some dated elements to these figures, in my opinion they still hold up nicely in a modern collection.
Of course, most of them already have modern replacement released so that is unnecessary.

Elektra comes with two heads, two sets of hands, two sai, and two katana.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here are the three main Marvel Legends Elektras: Series 04 (2003), Twin Pack (2008), and SP//dr (2018).


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  1. I remember when this came out and back then I liked it. Your photos back that up. It really is a good looking figure. Her visuals were always appealing so it's nice when they get it right with the figure. Good post.