Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Showcase Presents - BATGIRL!

Showcase Presents - Series 1 - First Appearance Batgirl - DC Direct 2008

I think it's pretty clear that the days of awesome, classic DC figures are in the past. Sure, there has been a decent looking Batman, Superman, and Nightwing in the McFarlane Multiverse line, but the majority of products are gritty modern interpretations of characters that seem more aligned with video games than comics. This unfortunate trend has caused me to look back to yesteryear... specifically to a year which stands out as one that seemed personally catered to me, 2008. DC Universe Classics was launched, Marvel Legends had seriously improved their female buck (Shanna and Savage She-Hulk), and DC Direct was in its heyday. The DC Direct releases were the most impressive to me, there was a great mix of classic and modern figures with an attention to detail that I've only ever seen with this company. The standout to me was this Showcase Batgirl figure. She was perfectly sculpted by Karen Palinko in the classic style of Carmine Infantino. It's one of my absolute favorites. Let's check her out below!

There is something about the way her eyes are sculpted and painted that captures that Infantino style while not looking too terribly dated. I'm very impressed with that.

As is typical with DC Direct in this era, her articulation is pretty limited. The joints are present, but they are almost all hinge or swivel joints, which really limits the poseability. Luckily she looks great just standing.

Let's not forget the importance of that big red purse. It stored all her ridiculous gimmicks (mostly weaponized makeup and hairnets).  The 1960s still had some pretty conservative views on women engaging in physical combat. Therefore props were her go-to.

Time for a Comparison Pic!



  1. One hundred percent agree. My DC Direct figures are being looked up as beautiful renditions of the classic DC era.
    Can't deal with the new over the top designs. Too reminiscent of the 90's

  2. This is a great looking figure. Love the classic look which they did a really good job on.