Thursday, February 18, 2021

Music Video Series - BILLIE EILISH!

Music Video Series: Billie Eilish (All the Good Girls Go to Hell) - Playmates 2020

This figure had me really conflicted. Overall, action figures that are intended to be dark or spooky do not appeal to me at all. Another aesthetic I avoid is bloody, melting, or dirty designs. There's a visceral quality involved that doesn't mesh with my weak stomach. But on the other hand, I love love love character with wings. I am always intrigued by new construction by a reputable company (like Playmates). And I'm a genuine fan of Billie Eilish. So despite the creepy factors keeping me away, my overall curiosity got the better of me. "All the good girls go to hell" is a song and music video from her debut studio album. The video features an "angellic" Billie that falls into an oil spill and transforms into a dark angel in a world on fire. Playmates made a line of Billie Eilish themed products in 2020. Mostly larger dolls, but also this single action figure. The packaging is an event. There are instructions on the box to unfold it all into the large flaming set of the music video. Quite a feat. Let's check Billie out below!

Her wings are segmented and can be disassembled into sections. They are all connected by simple ball and socket joints. Unfortunately, all the ball and sockets are unique sizes. I thought the middle section of wing might be able to be removed, but they pieces only connect to their neighbor piece like they're laid out below.

She also comes with a figure stand that is essentially a single big slipper that anchors one of her feet.

Billie has interesting articulation. She has a ball-jointed head. Hinge-and-swivel shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, and knees. A swivel waist. It seems like she has a ball-jointed ribcage joint. She has hinge ball-of-the-foot joints. And honestly I can't tell what her ankle articulation is like at all. The pant cuffs really hinder any motion.

Her shirt is made of a flexible rubber. Here it is pulled up to show her upper leg articulation.

Time for a Comparison Pic!