Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Marvel Legends - MOIRA MACTAGGERT!

Marvel Legends - X-Men Tri-Sentinel BaF - Moira MacTaggert - Hasbro 2021

2019's House of X #2 is the singlemost comic in recent history to truly surprise and excite me. I will try my best not to make any spoilers because I highly suggest reading the House of X mini-series. This issue took some well-established characters, relationships, and history, and told the story from a completely different perspective. And the result (for me at least) was mind-blowing. I walked away being absolutely obsessed with Dr. Moira MacTaggert. When I was a young comic reader obsessed with The New Mutants, Moira was a maternal fixture to the team early on (and adoptive mother to Wolfsbane). I had always been aware of her, and liked her character. But I can admit I found her a little boring and inconsequential. And I certainly was never clamoring for a Moira action figure. But House of X #2 changed all that. How could I have overlooked her all these years? And why isn't she represented in my collection?! Luckily Hasbro read my mind and we rather quickly got a terrific Marvel Legends figure of her.

This figure comes with alternate parts to create two very distinct looks. One in her professional geneticist attire, 
and one more casual (and wonderfully mod).

To achieve these two looks, Moira comes with all the pieces below: A standard torso and legs, two heads, a labcoat, a pair of labcoat (white) arms, a pair of civilian (fuchsia) arms, a small white neck scarf, two pairs of hands, and a book.

Even though Charles Xavier has been in significant relationships with multiple women in the Marvel Universe, his relationship with Moira was the first one I was personally exposed to and therefore my brain will always be shipping them. The Charles figure from this wave also has two distinct looks thanks to alternate heads.

And here she is with Charles in his Cerebro Helmet. I must say I am glad he's on a slimmer body because the early solicits made me think he would have a really bulky frame.

Moira also comes with the Left Leg of the Tri-Sentinel Build-a-Figure.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here is (most) of the new wave of House of X X-Men. Note that I for some reason forgot Professor X and also note that I have two Omega Sentinels and two Moiras to display their alternate looks.


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