Thursday, March 18, 2021

Transformer R.E.D. - PRIME ARCEE!

Transformers R.E.D. - Series 02 - Transformer Prime Arcee - Hasbro 2021

I am abysmally bad at transforming my robots. I am a pro at assembling Ikea furniture. I've been doing origami since I was eight. And I even proved this weekend that I can fix my own plumbing issues. But something about Transformers challenges all of my mechanical skills. I'm always nervous about breakages. And, honestly, I don't love vehicles. I just don't find them interesting or aesthetically pleasing. So I find myself nervously fiddling with a toy with an end goal that I'm not even excited about. That said, robots are a major obsession of mine, so I will always be drawn to Transformers. When the Transformers R.E.D. (Robot Enhanced Design) line was announced - a non-transforming, highly articulated line of the characters stuck in their robot forms - the general response from fandom was incredulity. Transforming is literally in the name. But I was thrilled. No more anxiety! No more weird kibble! Just a well-formed robot mode. The first female in the line is the Transformers: Prime Arcee. Let's check her out below!

I think it's pretty great how the packaging for this line has a beveled edge with a second window 
that displays all the accessories in a tray. Middle picture above.

I think it's interesting that her highlights are distinctly copper. I always interpreted this color as pink. And most of the previous toys also showed these as pink, but when I look at images from the show, I can see how this choice was made. It looks good either way, it was just surprising.

Arcee has all the articulation you would expect from a Marvel-Legends type figure: Ball-jointed head; Hinge-and-swivel Shoulder, Elbows, Wrists, Hips, Knees, and Feet; Swivel thighs; Ab Crunch; and Waist Swivel. By Feet I mean more of a toe articulation. You can see that large hinge-and-swivel ball between the gray and blue of her feet. This offers some maneuverability, but it's nearly as nice as ankle articulation. Speaking of her feet and ankles, they are very large and dense, which makes her knees seem even smaller and weaker. I wish her knees were composed of a sturdier and less rubbery plastic. As is, they give her a wobbly feel.

Arcee comes with a lot of accessories: An alternate pair of fisted hands; Two Arm-cannons (Which I attached at the wrists, but I have a hunch are supposed to attach at the elbows - They each have a hinge and swivel post); Forearm Blades; "Effect pieces" for those blades (notes on that below); and an Energon Cube.

This part was disappointing. The "swooshing" energy effects that clip onto the edge of her forearm blades are supposed to be translucent purple (as per the photography on the packaging). But, no, they come in opaque gray/white. It's like she dipped her arms in wet concrete and is trying to fling it off. And in my mind the forearm blades look too small on their own, but the proper purple attachments would add some necessary visual heft. This may be cartoon accurate, but I'm used to the toy versions where the blade is more significant.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here is Arcee with the Transformers R.E.D. Optimus Prime.

And here she is with her wave-mate, Cheetor. I always loved his design.

And just for good measure, here is R.E.D. Cheetor with the recent Kingdom Cheetor.

Here she is with her First Edition figure (on the Left) and her Robots in Disguise figure (on the Right).

And with a random cake-topper, Kre-O, and Cyberverse added in.


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