Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Digimon - LILIMON!

Bandai Spirits - Digimon Adventure Shodo Vol.3 - Lilimon - Bandai 2021

Digimon is a property that has always appealed to me, but similar to Pokemon, I actually find it overwhelming and confusing. However Digimon stood out because it had many more humanoid characters that I thought looked amazing. I especially love the flower-themed ladies (and, yes, I'm aware they are technically genderless). I was always bummed that there were never any true action figures of them, only glorified PVC figurines (that are inexplicably expensive on eBay). But now this new series of Digimon Shodo Adventure figures has given us a perfect Lilimon. She is truly amazing. Her sculpt is adorable, her small scale is fun, and her poseability is impressive. I only hope this line continues and gives us Rosemon and Lilamon so I can continue my action figure garden. Currently Lilimon will be joining a handful of Spiderwick Happy Meal toys and Perfuma, but I know Digimon Adventures Shodo could give me so many more. Fingers crossed! Let's check out Lilimon below!

Note that this character's name has some alternate spellings: Lilimon, Lilymon, and Lillymon.
(Lilamon is a different character however).

These figures seem like they are blind-boxed, but they clearly have individualized packaging.
Inside, the figure is polybagged and requires some light assembly.

Lillymon has a ball-jointed head, hinge-and-swivel shoulders, hinge elbows, hinge knees, swivel waist, and ball-jointed hips. The only additional articulation I wish she had are wrists and ankles.

Nerd Alert: I was trying to figure out the evolution of Lillymon (and my other favorites, Lilamon and Rosemon) and ended up making a chart. Newsflash: all my favorites are related. Lilamon and Lillymon  both evolve from Yuramon in different branches, but both can evolve into Rosemon.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here is my tiny (literally) Lillymon collection.


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