Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Space Jam - WHITE MAMBA!

Space Jam: A New Legacy - On Court Rivals - White Mamba - Moose Toys 2021

Here's a shocking confession: I know absolutely nothing about organized sports. I may love playing sports, but I have no interest in watching other people do it. Basketball has always been especially difficult for me to focus on. So here's shocking confession #2: I have never seen Space Jam. Despite its place as 90's cultural phenomenon, and the introduction of Lola Bunny, it just never intrigued me enough to actually watch it. I wasn't very big into toy collecting back then, so when I heard about this new movie, my very first thought was that I could finally add a Lola to my collection. What I wasn't expecting was any other action figures that would excite me. This White Mamba figure was an amazing surprise. Diana Taurasi plays for the Phoenix Mercury in the WNBA and was nicknamed White Mamba by Kobe Bryant due to her penchant for scoring in crucial scenarios. I love that Warner Bros took a cue from her nickname and made her into a true white mamba gorgon. Let's check out White Mamba below!

The two pack comes with a single basketball accessory.
The ball has a small hole that anchors onto the pegs on all the hands of the action figures.

White Mamba has four points of articulation: a ball-jointed head, hinge-and-swivel shoulders, and a swivel waist.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here is White Mamba with her pack-mate, LeBron James.

And here she is with Lola Bunny.



  1. Lebron should invest in a better brand of Sunscreen, it clearly isnt working

    1. His skin here looks like a dolcett / cannibal art custom repaint lol.

  2. That looks cool. Saw some of these last night at Target, but not White Mamba.