Friday, May 21, 2021


Marvel Comics - Silver Surfer 30th Anniversary Series - Nova - Toy Boz 1997

Frankie Raye is a step-daughter of Phineas Horton, the scientist creator of the original Human Torch (the android Jim Hammond version from 1939, not Johnny Storm from 1961). Frankie was accidentally exposed to the same chemicals that created the Human Torch's flame powers. Her father decided to give her a skin-tight body suit to contain the fire and then hypnotized her into forgetting about the powers and the containment suit itself. She lived a normal life until she was a young woman dating Johnny Storm. Frisky Johnny discovered the bodysuit and eventually she broke through her mental block. She became an unofficial member of the Fantastic Four before fate intervened and she became a Herald of Galactus named Nova, complete with a Silver-Surfer-esque metallic makeover. Recently I've been thinking how she would make for a great Marvel Legends figure. There are enough flame-based characters out there to justify the hair sculpt and the body is essentially a featureless buck.

There has been very little Nova merchandise over the years, but what we do have has been done well. This Toy Biz figure from 1997 is not a perfect representation of Frankie, but it's very impressive (especially considering the time). Let's check her out below!

This Silver Surfer 30th Anniversary series has very unique packaging. I don't think I've ever seen a large oval hangcard before. And even considering how large the packaging is, Nova still has to be positioned in an odd angle so she can fit.

Nova's body is beautifully chromed. Her body is composed of a super lightweight hollow plastic that is very rigid and almost feels brittle. It makes a hollow tok-tok noise when you tap your nail on it.

Nova's hair is articulated with several angled swivels and a sturdy hinge joint near the tip.
Notice the plug at the tip to anchor her to the base.

The only think I don't love about this figure is the face sculpt. It looks elongated and smooshed. But from certain angles the chromed deco disguises the distortion and she looks okay.

Her body articulation is pretty good (for the 90s). She has hinge-and-swivel shoulders, hinged elbows, hinged knees, hinged ankles, a swivel neck, and swivel v-crotch legs.

Nova comes with a dense rubber flame base that can anchor the end of her hair.

Here are two images of Nova's design before she became a herald of Galactus. 
She was truly a female version of the original Human Torch.

Nova has made appearances in at least three different animated series: Fantastic Four (1994), Silver Surfer (1998), and Fantastic Four (2006). And I just read that she was in the live action Rise of the Silver Surfer movie (which I've never seen), but I believe only in human form as Frankie.

This final pose is kind of silly, but it's my favorite. She will be displayed this way henceforth.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pic!

Here are all my Nova's together. Three Heroclix, a Minimate, her Toybiz figure, and her Bowen Minibust.



  1. That is an awesome figure. Didn't know it existed. Love the chrome.

    1. yea looks real cool. Even with the new figure coming out...that's if Haslab Galactus hits the tiers :) One thing about 90's figures, they didn't just think of boring plastic paint jobs. They really got wild with the shiny figures.