Monday, June 28, 2021

Transformers - SCYLLA!

Transformers Generations Selects TT-GS10 - God Neptune - Takara Tomy 2021

The Seacons were a group of aquatic-themed antagonists in 1988's Super-God Masterforce. They shared a pink and teal color palette and could combine to form Piranacon. The team was impactful but didn't stay around too long. In 1997, their designs were re-introduced in Beast Warriors II as the Space Pirate Seacons in a white and gold palette. They were technically all new characters with new names and personalities, but the designs were identical... except for Scylla who replaced the deceased Tentakil. From all the episodes I've seen, Scylla is largely present for comic relief in the form of unwanted flirtation, and of course to form a leg of God Neptune. The vintage Scylla figure was just a repaint of the male Tentakil, but in this newest TakaraTomy release she gets a massive retooling using a mashup of Moonracer and Tentakil parts (plus a brand new torso and head). The God Neptune set was a Pulse Exclusive for preorder in 2020, but just released a few months ago. Let's check out Scylla below.

Scylla comes with two gray guns and an axe. All the weapons in the box set combine to form a giant sword and gun for God Neptune.  It should be noted that there is a practically identical axe that belongs to Terrormander. The only difference is that the cast plastic is a different color. You can tell by looking at the handle. This light gray version matched Scylla. Terrormander's is dark gray.

I watched a bunch of Beast Wars II episodes on YouTube and Scylla hardly ever transforms into bot mode. She only seems to do it when she's on land and needs legs to run. All the Space Pirate Seacons seem to prefer their beast modes.

Most of the time Scylla stays in her anthropomorphic squid form and chases around Scuba (a male squid Maximal) while being pursued by Bighorn in a silly love triangle. She blows kisses as a weapon. I was honestly pretty shocked at the comic and nonsensical tone of the Beast Wars II episodes I watched. Quite a departure from all the other Transformers cartoons I've watched.

I won't lie, I really disliked this beast mode when I got this toy. However, after watching the episodes, I realize that it's actually a really good interpretation of the cartoon.

Scylla's two white guns can plug into the side of her head as shown. But I regret not photographing this beast mode without the guns because the white plastic section above her copper face is really reminiscent of a "arrow-like" squid head. With the guns attached it looks a bit busy and less organic.

When you have kibble-heavy figures, you usually have some options for your forward-facing silhouette. I personally prefer the middle option where the tentacles are exposed but her head has nothing behind it. The third picture is the one dictated by her transforming directions.

I didn't have the patience to assemble God Neptune (plus combiners don't fit in my photo tent). So here is a stock photo. 
I did transform and photograph all the other members of the box set though (pictures to follow).

HALFSHELL - Tortoise
Redeco of G1 Seacon Snaptrap/Turtler

Redeco of G1 Seacon Overbite

COELAGON - Coelacanth
Redeco of G1 Seacon Skalor

Redeco of G1 Seacon Seawing

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here is Scylla with Moonracer and Chromia
She shared several parts with the Moonracer buck: Legs, pelvis, and arms. The squid portions all come from Tentakil.

Here are all the Sea Pirate Seacons together. From Left to Right: Sea Phantom, Coelagon, Halfshell, Scylla, and Terrormander.


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