Friday, July 16, 2021

Sonic Adventure - AMY ROSE!

Sonic Adventure - Action Figures Series 02 - Amy Rose - ReSaurus Toys 2000

I feel like we got spoiled with awesome Sonic the Hedgehog products almost a decade ago. I was never a diehard Sonic fan, but I found myself eagerly buying all the Jazwares toys on the shelves. They were fun and colorful characters that I found irresistible. Then in 2014, Tomy got the license and started out with a great assortment for Sonic Boom, but since then it's been crickets. The current license holder, Jakks Pacific only seems interested in merchandising a small handful of (male) characters. The days of fun anthropomorphic Sonic ladies seem to be over. (Update: Jakks Amy coming in 2021!) But this prompted me to look backwards toward the older products from Toy Island and ReSaurus. I believe this Amy Rose from ReSaurus is her first action figure. I picked mine up on eBay with no accessories, and I realize now it is likely a factory second which apparently flooded the internet in recent years. But the quality is great and it didn't break the bank, so I'm not complaining. Let's check out Amy Rose below!

Amy has eight points of articulation: Neck, Hinge-and-Swivel Shoulders, Swivel Wrists, Swivel Waist, and Swivel Legs.

I got my Amy loose on eBay. Originally she would have comes with her Magic Hammer, a golden ring, and a figure stand with a post. See the packaged pics at the top of this post for reference (those pics swiped from eBay).

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here is my small Amy Rose collection. From Left to Right: Tomy Sonic Boom Amy Rose, Jazwares Amy Rose, ReSaurus Sonic Adventure Amy Rose, and Jazwares Classic Amy Rose.


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