Friday, July 30, 2021

The Batman - BATGIRL!

The Batman - EXP & Shadow-Tek - Batgirl & Barbara Gordon - Mattel 2006

Before The Batman live-action feature film comes out next year, I wanted to go back in time and review the female figures from the 2004 animated series of the same name. This series has very unique character designs that stand out from the other iterations of the Batman animated universe. This version of Batgirl is probably the youngest ever represented outside of comic books. She is a teenager (other versions are implied to be college-age or mid-20s) and in this continuity she was Batman's sidekick before Robin. The toy line pumped out two versions of the character. One is a standard release in her purple costume that was re-released in several multi-packs. The second is amazing because it features a removeable costume to create civilian Barbara Gordon. This is a toy gimmick normally only seen with the title characters, and is quite rare for a female. Of course, this gimmick almost never looks very good, and Batgirl is no exception, but it's still a very fun figure. Let's check out the Batgirls below!

I wanted to start out by showing the three displayable Batgirl versions possible from these two figures.
I photoshopped in one of the Blaster Batgirls since I only own one.

The Batman - EXP (Extreme Power) - Batgirl
Single Pack Figures
Mattel 2006

The Batman - Shadow-Tek - Multi-Pack
Batman (Threat Force), Batgirl, Robin, Joker (Strangle Sleeves)
TRU Exc - Mattel 2006

The Batman - Shadow-Tek - Gotham City Showdown
Batman, Anti-Freeze Batman, Bane Attack Batman, Batgirl, Penguin,
Catwoman (Green), Killer Moth, Mr. Freeze 
TRU Exc - Mattel 2006

Batgirl (the single-packed version) came with an oversized buzz saw power key accessory that was heavier than her body.
I have no idea where mine is, but I promise it's not a useful accessory.

The Batman - EXP (Extreme Power) - Blaster Batgirl 
Single Pack Figures
Mattel 2006

Barbara comes with a two-piece removable outfit. The cowl wraps around her head, but the torso and skirt are only a shell covering the front. But the cape conceals her uncovered back. The cape clips on the armored shoulder pegs.

Action figures with removable costumes are always a bit problematic. I'm sure in prototype form, this cowl was made of a thinner flexible plastic and probably looked decent. But the final factory results are always bulky and awkward.

Blaster Batgirl comes with several oversized accessories that she can barely hold.
Mine are in a plastic baggie somewhere in the bottom of a bin (where they belong).

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here is Blaster Batgirl with her gear on, Standard release Batgirl, and Blaster Batgirl in her Barbara Gordon identity.

And here are the three The Batman ladies together: Catwoman, Batgirl, and Poison Ivy.


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