Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Spin Master - BATGIRL!

DC Comics - Gotham City Guardians (Target Exc) - Batgirl - SpinMaster 2021

I have a hunch that Spin Master will produce a lot of repaints in the coming years that I will have no problem skipping. Their 4" DC line is geared towards children and play value, and I'm well aware I am not their target audience. However, I really hope they produce at least one standard, non-gimmicky Batgirl before the license ends. Their Batwoman, Wonder Woman, and Catwoman figures are amazing with perfect comic-accurate decos. But when the secondary iteration of the line started to emerge in the aisles, we started to see bizarre paint apps (like most kid-centric lines with a limited base of characters). In the 90s we would regularly see neon and camo variants. And so it seems the children of 2021 will have fond youthful memories of circuitry designs. This metallic repaint of Batgirl actually disguises the blue linework pretty well and I like the homage to her classic gray and yellow suit. I can't wait for the "Bat-Tech" theme to run its course, but if you squint she's got a pretty great overall deco.

The Guardians of Gotham set comes with two vehicles scaled for 4" figures: a Motorcycle (Bat-Cycle) and an ATV.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here she is with her first Single-Packed version.

And here are the Gotham City Guardians pack-mates together: Robin, Batman, Batgirl, Nightwing, and Talon. The metallic plastic often has a translucent quality. Robin, for instance, glows red when backlit. The other characters may have colors too dark or bodies too thick to have the same effect.


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