Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Star Wars - PINK DROIDS!

Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge Trading Post - Astromech & BB Units - Hasbro 2020

One of my greatest wishes for the Star Wars franchise was for there to be (more) female droids. ME-8D9's brief cameo in Force Awakens and L3-37 in Solo were amazing. But what I really wanted was smaller appliance-like female droids like R2D2. These figures from the Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge Trading Post line are finally scratching that itch. I realize that Astromech and BB Units aren't truly ever gendered, and that a pink color doesn't really imply anything either. But the droids in the films are constantly referred to as "he" so the gender construct is there. So I am fully pretending these two droids are female. Fun fact: in all the promotional material for Force Awakens, BB-8 was referred to as female. At some point the gender was switched to the masculine, but I didn't realize this until I was in the theater. Additionally, I've been covetous of a pink Astromech unit ever since I read about R2-KT when she was created in 2005. And now I finally have one. Let's check out these pink droids below!

The Galaxy's Edge Trading Post line features small odd-shaped boxes with different colored droids.
These two specific sets include a single-packed Astromech Unit, and a 2-Pack of BB Units.

Here is the BB Unit with her pack-mate: a black, flat-headed BB Unit.

The Pink Astromech Droid comes with a serving tray accessory, complete with drinking glasses.

R2-KT was a pink female R2 unit created for young Katie Johnson who was suffering from terminal brain cancer in 2004. R2-KT visits Children's Hospitals and fan events to raise awareness for childhood cancers. Later toys of the droid were sold as a Make-a-Wish fundraiser. While this Galaxy's Edge Trading Post figure isn't specifically intended to be R2-KT, the deco is very similar.

Time for a Comparison Pic!


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