Thursday, October 21, 2021


DC Multiverse - Batwoman Beyond - Target Exc - McFarlane Toys 2021

One of the greatest DC Comics thrills for me recently has been the introduction of Elainna Grayson as Batwoman in the pages of Batman Beyond. Elainna is the daughter of Mayor Richard Grayson (Robin) who stole Terry's bat-suit when he went missing (and had amnesia). I don't think it ever addressed in the comics who her mother is, but I assume it's not Barbara since she is a major character (the new Commissioner Gordon) and her history is pretty well documented. When Elainna wore the suit (first worn in Batman Beyond #37, Dec 2019), I was thrilled. The suit looks great on a female body. In fact, I always thought the Kate Kane Batwoman (which was inspired by an unused Alex Ross Batgirl design) was so great because it reminded me of Batman Beyond with the stark red on black. So this character was guaranteed to be a hit for me. It also provided a fresh starting point for me reading the Beyond universe. I never expected an action figure of her and I'm ecstatic. Let's check out Batwoman Beyond below!

Batwoman comes with two batarangs, two sets of hands (open and trigger-fingered), and a figure stand.

Batwoman also comes with the legs for the Future's End Batman Collect-to-Build.

If I'm going to be nitpicky, there are two things about this figure that I don't love.
First, why does she have armored shoulderpads? Not only is it inaccurate, but it disrupts the sleek black bodysuit that's a trademark of the Beyond aesthetic. Plus is alters her silhouette. Secondly, the holes in her wings are there to have her gauntlets anchor in (one of the gauntlet protrusions is a hook specifically meant to fit in the rectangle). But this is unnecessary. And if you pose her in any position other than full wing spread, the holes are visible and ugly.

See all the shoulderpads?

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here is Batwoman with the Rebirth Batgirl from 2020.


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