Thursday, November 18, 2021

Jurassic Park - DR. ELLIE SATTLER!

Jurassic Park - Amber Collection 6" Series - Dr. Ellie Sattler - Hasbro 2021

I'm probably alone in this, but my favorite scene from Jurassic Park is when Doctor Ellie Sattler (played by the amazing Laura Dern) is driving into the park for the first time and is distracted by the prehistoric foliage.  The way she reaches out of the moving jeep and grabs a low hanging leaf just reminds me of something I would have done in that scenario. She gets sucked into something that interests her and shuts out the world. It's also one of those classic moments where the female character is discovering something very important and no one is listening. Oh Hollywood. When Hasbro announced the 6" Amber Collection, I immediately started getting excited for Dr. Sattler. I knew she was a shoe-in for inclusion in the line and it was just a matter of time. While none of the actor licenses in this line are particularly great, I still think this is a very fun toy of a very iconic character. I wonder how her Holdo figure scales with this for a potential face-swap. Let's check out Dr. Ellie Sattler below!

Action figure eyeglasses are always problematic. I wish they would just skip the glass effect and just have frames. The lenses look proportionately about 1.5" thick and would weigh two pounds. It just destroys the miniature illusion.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here is Dr. Sattler with some other recent Hasbro 6" scale figures: Ironheart, Baroness, and SPD Pink.


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  1. Love her in the movie and was glad to see these figures come out. Jurrasic Park so deserves them and better. This is a good looking figure. I agree about the glasses. Good post and photos.