Sunday, November 7, 2021

The Eternals - SERSI!

Marvel Legends - The Eternals (Gilgamesh Wave) - Sersi  - Hasbro 2021

With her role as Sersi in Eternals, Gemma Chan joins the the exclusive list of actors who have played multiple roles in the MCU. Gemma played Minn-Erva in 2019's Captain Marvel which is unique because most of the dual-role actors were not playing two costumed characters. One of my guilty pleasure movies is Crazy Rich Asians and her role as Astrid made me a fan right away, so I'm excited to see her in anything. Sersi is also a unique character because she is one of the few modern female Eternals who has always been female. Makkari, Sprite, and Ajak were all introduced as male in the comics. But Sersi has always been a green-clad female with jet-black hair from the beginning. I think it's fair to say that she is the most interesting Eternal in the movie. She has the most backstory, the most character development, and the best overall story arc. I don't know what the future holds for her in the MCU, or any of the Eternals for that matter, but I'm eagerly awaiting more Sersi. Let's check her out below!

Sersi comes with an extra pair of hands.

Sersi also comes with the Left Leg of the Build-a-Figure, Gilgamesh.

Time for some Comparison Pics!

Here are all my Eternals ladies together: Sersi, Makkari, Ajak, Thena, and Sprite.

And here is Sersi with her Titan Hero Series figure. Only she and Ikarus were made in 12" scale.


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  1. I'm digging everything about the design of these Eternals characters. Looking forward to seeing the movie.