Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Star Wars - AURRA SING!

Star Wars Black Series - The Clone Wars #08: Aurra Sing - Hasbro 2021

Action figures give you a chance to really take in the physical details of a character. In movies and cartoons, characters are always in motion so it's nearly impossible to take in all the details. But toy makers get detailed specs, sometimes even the actual costumes and bodyscans for reference. In the case of Aurra Sing, she had such a brief cameo on The Phantom Menace, that I only had a vague idea what she looked like: orange uniform, stark white skin, and a big ponytail on an otherwise bald head. (I never watched any animated Star Wars shows so I missed out on her character development there). So when I got this toy I was taken by two cool details that I had never noticed. First, the antenna-like protrusion coming out of her head. And secondly, she has really creepy long fingers. My first reaction upon opening her was "ohhh man. The factory melted her hands." But now I think they are such a cool detail that I never would have noticed if not for this figure. Let's check out Aurra Sing below!

Aurra comes with a long sniper rifle (with removable shoulder strap), and two smaller handguns.

Time for a Comparison Pic!

Here is Aurra with two recent similarly-scaled Hasbro figures: Scorpina and Sylvie.


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