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DC Direct - URSA!

DC Comics - Superman: Last Son - Series 01 - Ursa - DC Direct 2007

I've made it a New Years resolution to purge my SD camera card and, with a timestamp of 2013, this Ursa was the oldest photoset there. I skipped this figure when she was released back in 2007. I didn't love her design or her pre-posed sculpt. But five years later I found her in a bargain bin and thought what the hell. My original criticisms still hold up, but I think the character has an interesting history so I like that this toy exists. Ursa was first introduced in Superman: The Movie (1978), but this toy represents her first comic appearance from 2007 (a storyline written by Richard Donner himself). I actually dig this costume, but I'm not thrilled with the hair, goggles, neck tattoo, and glum expression. I always expect Ursa to look wicked, cocky, and a little unhinged. This figure doesn't give me any of those qualities. I normally love sculpts by Karen Palinko, and I think she stayed very true to the source material, but the overall translation into plastic is a little lackluster in my opinion. Let's check out Ursa below!

I find that her wide stance and billowy coat make her difficult to stay upright. Luckily she has a sturdy figure stand.

The character Ursa first appeared in 1978's Superman: The Movie played by Sarah Douglas.

In 2007, Ursa was brought into the DC Comics canon in the pages of Action Comics #845. This is the Last Son storyline this series of action figures is specifically based on. Coincidentally written by Richard Donner (with Geoff Johns and Adam Kubert).

In 2013's Man of Steel movie, there was a character named Faora  (played by Antje Traue) who had a very similar role to the cinematic Ursa. I thought they were the same character with a name change for copyright reasons. But Faora was actually a Phantom Zone criminal who first appeared in Action Comics #471 from 1977, a year before Ursa debuted.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here is Ursa with the 2013 Movie Masters Faora (with slightly modified eye paint).


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