Saturday, January 29, 2022


POP! Rides #279 - She-Ra on Swiftwind (Walmart Exclusive) - Funko 2021

Sometimes I'm just a sucker for a vintage-themed product. Do I love this Funko Rides She-Ra on Swiftwind? No. Do I have any nostalgic connection to the vintage She-Ra toy deisgns? No. But can a resist a retro toy of fabulous warrior woman riding a pink flying unicorn? Of course not. There were a lot of design differences between the vintage She-Ra toys and the Filmation cartoon. I never owned any of the toys and my memories of them in stores are a pink blur. I actually have fond memories of them from various Christmas Catalogs, but that was during the era when all the horses were translucent. My most potent memories are from the cartoon. Swiftwind had a very stark difference. In the cartoon he was a white horse with a reddish mane and tail, pink armor, and rainbow-like wings with blue, yellow, and pink. The vintage toy design was a pink horse with pink mane and tail, gold armor, and wings that were gold, pink, and white. I like the pink, but all my fond memories are tied to the animated version.

Although the box does not mention it, this POP! Rides seems to be a part of the POP Retro Toys sub-line. The (solo) She-Ra POP has the exact same design and the choice to have Swifty in his pink form solidifies the theory. I hope they re-release it in Filmation colors.

Here is an image of the vintage Swiftwind toy.

The She-Ra picturebooks by Ladybird has a hybrid Swiftwind. He had a pink coat, mane, and tail, but Filmation wings.

Time for a Comparison Pic!


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