Monday, February 14, 2022

He-Man Animated Series - SORCERESS!

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe -  Sorceress (Power Attack) - Mattel 2022

The Season 2 trailer for Netflix's He-Man and the Masters of the Universe CGI show was just released so the timing is perfect to finally review this Sorceress figure from Season one. I'm going to give a few spoilers here, so if you haven't finished the season from last Summer, then skip ahead to the pics and don't read anything. This He-Man show is unique because all the characters get powered up from the power of Grayskull. The battlecry is even "We have the power!" I love this adaptation. Every character gets a chance to shine. One of my favorite characters is Adam's friend Teela, who when powered up becomes Sorceress. This toy is aimed at kids and has limited articulation, but I'm obsessed with her. The only way I would like her more is if there was a small hairpiece that could be popped on to better represent her Teela form. It would be like a little topknot that looks like a palm tree. This line is a lot of fun. I can't wait to get Ram-Ma'am and Mosquitara. Let's check out Sorceress below!

I think this face sculpt is gorgeous. 

Sorceress comes with her helmet, wings, and falcon staff.

There's this very unofficial "raised visor" effect I made by accidentally putting the helmet on backwards.

Sorceress has very limited articulation.  I think her head is ball-jointed, but the hair really restricts any movement. Her shoulders are simple swivels. She has swivel wrists. And her hips are technically on ball posts, but only really move forwards and backward, with only a centimeter of range side-to-side. She has a waist swivel, but it's part of her "Power Attack" action feature and springs back immediately when you twist it.

In case you're curious what the wings look like upside-down.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

I bought two figures so I could display both the Sorceress and Teela forms.

And here is Sorceress with Evil-Lyn.

And here she is with the recent Masters of the Universe Origins Sorceress.



  1. I've been super excited for this figure. I have Evil-Lyn already and have this Sorceress on the way

    1. She's really great. Very excited to see Mosquitara's character design. The cameo in the trailed is promising. She seems to have a shadow weaver vibe to her.