Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Marvel Legends - KAMALA KHAN as SPIDER-GIRL!

Marvel Legends - Marvel Unlimited Exc - Spider-Ms. Marvel - Hasbro 2020

Marvel Unlimited is a digital comic book subscription service. As a customer incentive, they have been producing an exclusive Marvel Legends figure each year as a bonus for an annual subscription. With the exception of Rescue in 2016, all of these figures have been simple repaints. In general, they don't appeal to me; a gray Captain Marvel, a purple Deadpool, gold Ultron, etc. They are often simple and uninspired changes that I just don't find too tempting. But in 2020, the exclusive figure was a Ms. Marvel figure repainted in a Spider-Man deco. I had no idea what the reference was, but I love both Kamala Khan and Spider-ladies, so I knew I would have to eventually hunt her down on eBay. In the time it took to procure her cheaply, I discovered the reference. In 2019 the cover of Marvel Team-Up #2 featured Kamala and Peter Parker wearing each others' costumes. It has nothing to do with the story inside, but the image was apparently enough to inspire this figure. Let's check her out below!

Kamala comes with two forearm accessories that represent her "Mr. Fantastic"-like powers.

Here is the lone random cover that inspired this figure.

And here are a few images of past Marvel Unlimited exclusives.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here is Spidey Kamala with her Original Version from 2017.


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