Friday, March 11, 2022


DC Multiverse - The Batman - Selina Kyle (Unmasked) - McFarlane Toys 2022

For the time being, this is my last Catwoman post from The Batman. I'm sure there will be additional product hitting the shelves eventually, but for now I'm skipping the mud-splattered variants and Funko Pops. I showed a lot of restraint only buying four figures. (Although I would definitely be super tempted by a Mafex figure if they made one). This unmasked McFarlane variant is surprisingly my favorite of the group. I say surprising because I typically opt for the masked versions. But until I saw this figure in Walmart last week, I didn't realize she had a hybrid mask situation going on. The face sculpt is compelling but she also has the cat ears visible on her folded-up mask. So for me it is the best of both worlds. I'm still lukewarm over the oddly-cut ski mask, I don't hate it, but I haven't fully embraced it yet. But Catwoman without ears always seems lacking. The funny thing about this figure is that she seems like she's seven feet tall, when Zoƫ Kravitz is actually the shortest Catwoman yet. Let's check out Selina below!

This variant of Catwoman comes with a coiled-up whip. The masked version came with an uncoiled whip.
She also has a figure stand.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here she is with her Masked Version.

And here she is with her Spinmaster 4" and Spinmaster 12" figures.


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