Friday, May 27, 2022

Super7 ReAction - ARCEE!

ReAction Action Figures - Transformers Wave 5 - Arcee - Super7 2022

A few years ago, Super7's ReAction really started to get exciting for me. I started buying figures back in 2013 (when they were still partnered with Funko), but it wasn't until the announcement of their ThunderCats toys that I realized the potential of the line. Up until then, the MOTU series was my favorite. But they seemed like a one-off of 80s cartoon nostalgia. But then I saw Cheetara on the horizon, soon followed by Jem and April O'Neil, and I instantly had a wishlist a mile long. Very high on that list was Arcee. In all honesty, I would prefer Elita-One, but I know Arcee is the most popular female Transformer and most likely to find her way into my collection. It took a few years but I finally have her in all her pink robotic glory. I know Super7 doesn't go crazy with convention exclusives, but how awesome would a 4-pack of Elita, Chromia, Firestar, and Moonracer be? I would die. In the meantime I am anxiously waiting for a Silverhawks announcement, or at least Pumyra. Let's check out Arcee below!

Arcee comes with a small blaster.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here is Arcee with two recent ReAction Ladies: Scarlett and Baroness.


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