Wednesday, June 29, 2022

BendyFigs - CATWOMAN!

The Noble Collection - DC Comics BendyFigs - Catwoman - Noble Toys 2022

For the past few years I've been noticing this great new series of bendy figures from Noble Toys at places like Barnes & Noble or the electronics section of Walmart. Ten years ago I would have completely ignored these with a "these aren't even action figures" snub. But then I discovered two great characters who were only available in bendy form (yet could still fit in to my collection nicely with the aide of a figure stand): Inque and Angel Jones. Quickly followed by my discovery of NJCroce and their irresistible bendies of Batman '66 and BTAS. So suddenly I wasn't such a snob. Until recently, I only saw these BendyFigs for movie tie-in product. Their Wonder Woman 84 and Suicide Squad figures in particular always caught my attention. The quality and scale was a noticeable improvement over past bendy lines, but I didn't find the movie licenses tempting until this comic-style Catwoman. It's an iconic look at this point but gets almost no merchandise. Let's check out Catwoman below!

In case you were wondering, these modern bendies are not jiggly, stretchy, or even particularly easy to bend. 
They are really dense plastic with (I assume) a wire armature underneath. 
She seems significantly more structurally sound than most of my gummy-knee'd Marvel Legends ladies.

I never bend my bendies too much. I like to display them mannequin-style, standing straight up and at attention, and I know from past experience that too much posing or playing has permanent effects on the look of the figure. The only thing I did with Catwoman was to reposition her arms: pushing her arms flatter to her sides and bending her elbows at a more natural angle. These last two photos show what she looked like before I adjusted her. It's subtle, but I notice the difference.

Time for a Comparison Pic!

Catwoman stands 7" tall but seems even taller with her figure stand.


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